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9/18/09, Bentonville, IN - Hi there folks, It’s me, B.O.B. the horse.  I know it’s been a while since I put my hooves on this keyboard, but I’m Back!  That’s right I’m bigger and better then ever. ‘Ol Teamster Bob has been sitting at the computer so long, I thought I would spell him a bit.

Bill and I are here at the barngalo, living the tough life (ha ha).  Bill took me aside a while back and told me a secret.  “Bob, If we eat every blade of grass between her and Shipshewana, we’ll be so big, Teamster Bob will never walk our fool legs off again.”

Well, Bill and I have been trying our best.  We’re on our third paddock now, and there’s no end in sight! Actually, we’re trying to keep the ‘ol Teamster guy in shape hauling us around to new grass. Other then that, all he’s been doing is typing away, riding us around the property a bit (kid’s stuff) and catching all the wild critter’s that have been eating the garden.

I asked Bill, “Hey brother, If I eat the garden, do you think he’ll try and put me in that itty-bitty cage - ha ha, wouldn’t that be funny.”

Now, do you want to hear the funniest thing? Right before the mighty trapper caught this poor old defenseless raccoon, he caught his own dog in this do-hickey. That’s right, little Clementine was behind bars.  She sure made a racket. She didn’t think it was the least bit funny.

Well, Bill and I have some more mowing to do, so it’s back to work.  But, before I go, I just got to know - “Is there any cute sorrel mares out there that would like a big kiss from a really handsome Belgian?