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Home in the Rockies


5/25/11, La Garita, CO - After a tedious three months and a long journey, I finally arrived back in the Rockies.

Yesterday, on my way home, I went riding with a friend up in high country. Our 20 mile round trip brought us to 11, 000 feet in the mountains.  The first clue to turn around is when the snow on the trail got up to the horses’ bellies.  The second hint to head for lower terrain was when it started snowing pretty hard. Not being outfitted for a night, or two, or five near tree line, we lit a shuck for a warmer altitude.

Last night I pulled into La Garita.  This morning, my first chore was to slap some shoes on Doc. I quickly discovered that the lads weren’t the only ones that spent too much time at the hay pile this winter. The ‘Ol Wagonteamster was fat, happy and out of shape as well.  Initially, I planned on doing two horses today, but I didn’t quite get so far.


Doc, with a big belly and two of the four shoes he got today.

After a little refreshment, I broke out Bob’s new (extra large) pack saddle. The guy at the saddle shop did a good job and it fit rather well.  Now, you might think that I have extensive experience using a pack horse. If you did, you’re wrong.  This is the first time I ever had one on a horse.  Being a novice is not so bad when you have some excellent horses to make you look good.


Bob - “Yeah, I can be a packhorse. It’s a heck of a lot easier than pulling a wagon.  Especially with empty panniers!”

Stay tuned for more!