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Highway of Coal



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1/2/09, Petersburg, IN - This was another one of those perfect days on the road.  After pulling out of camp at the restaurant, we drove the remainder of the way out of town and started down what I call the highway of coal.  About every other vehicle on route 57 south of Washington seemed to be either a dump truck or trailer dump hauling coal for the power stations. All the drivers were very courteous and gave the team a lot of room. Likewise, I tried to do what I could to not delay them too much on their scheduled runs.

The first two pictures show some of the gauntlet the team has to occasionally move through.

At lunch I met Charlie, Fred and Kathy from Urbana, Ohio.  They are horse people that drove 300 miles this morning hoping to catch up with the team and I.  They missed me when I went through Urbana a few weeks ago. Fred and Kathy drive a 4-up of miniature horses.  Charlie has Belgian draft horses.

  We had an enjoyable lunch. After lunch, Fred and Charlie took turns riding on the wagon for a few miles.

Iím camped tonight at Chadís seed and feed store about 3 miles south of Petersburg.  Chad is a vary gracious host who pursues the sport of team roping.  He travels quite a bit to compete in roping competitions. 

While I was chatting with Chad, the little three year old girl seen in the last picture showed up to meet us and see the team.  Dora really liked giving the horses some treats.  She especially liked Dolly.

With a nice steak dinner and a couple of beers to top off the day, I have to admit that it was a pretty good day!