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High Plains Drifters - Daa-da-daaa


3-31-10, Lariat, TX - It’s pretty easy to toss your noose around this place, because there ain’t much here. This morning, we broke camp at the Livestock Auction and headed into the City of Muleshoe.  After getting some gas and water, I headed over to the grain store for some oats.

The guys that ran the grain store were really great and sold me some oats very cheap.  We had a long conversation on shoeing horses, which is a mandatory discussion topic in this town.

We stopped a couple of times to talk and get the horses petted (being petted several time daily is in their Teamsters Union contract!)

3-31-10 006

B.O.B., the mucho bad amigo at the back, is hiding his head because he thinks he is ‘Wanted’ in this county.

I think I figured out the mystery installation from last night.  It wasn’t the super collider, as that’s a hole in the ground off I-35. I’m betting the underground aquifer was being pumped to supply water for a city (probably Lubbock or Amarillo). The power lines were probably headed off to different pumps, while the geodesic dome had pumps and water purification.

Leaving Muleshoe, we passed through an area with a large amount of irrigated fields.

3-31-10 002

Passing through Muleshoe

Tonight, I’m camped at the crossroads of Lariat. We’re in a roadside park that is set pretty close to the railroad tracks. I had the horses in their pen for several hours, but just tied them to the wagon for the night.

A lot of people stopped to visit after I set up here.  At one time, there were three different groups. It’s amazing how Wagonteamster Camp can be a catalyst for people to meet each other. Different folks meet here and start talking to each other.  Before they know it, they find they have common interests and start to become friends. This has happened several times on my journeys.

3-31-10 004
3-31-10 005

This little girl in Muleshoe, not only petted the horses, she also sat in the wagon with the Teamster.

In spite of the fact that we’re sandwiched between a railroad traffic and the highway, it’s a pretty good camp. Trains are infrequent, and the traffic is starting to die down.

I had a short run today. Often, the distance I travel is dictated by the terrain. Today, I the option of going either 15 miles to this roadside park, or 23 miles to the next town, on the New Mexico state line. I opted for the closer of the two.

In other news, my daughter, with 2 months left until she graduates from San Diego State, with a Degree in Math, has started working as an intern for a large defense firm.  She beat out a slew of other candidates to land the job - congratulations Lisa!

My son Daniel is enjoying being a new parent.  My first grandson Adrian, was born a few weeks ago.

I heard from Denise - she’s doing great, but misses wagon life.  Heck, who wouldn’t.

3-31-10 008
3-31-10 010

These are a couple of cute kids that stopped by Wagonteamster Camp today.  Three month old Leah and her brother.