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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Heyday (Hayday)

12/21/09, Leachville, AR - An absolutely beautiful day.  The day started off with clear skies and warmed up to the fifties.

Doc had the day off once more, and discovered a new trick - by pushing aside the tarp, he could get at a bale of hay.  To his way of thinking, this was perfect. Not only did he not have to pull, he could chow down as he walked along.

All day long, we had people stopping to talk and take pictures.  We met one couple (Tom and Norma) this morning that were traveling around the USA like us, but with a car for motivation.

Tonight we’re camped on the outskirts of the town of Leachville, AR - about 4 miles into the state. Tomorrow, we’ll continue our trek into Arkansas. Currently, I plan on heading towards Jonesboro, where we’ll take route 1 south for a few days.


12-21-09 007

Doc, nibbling on some hay as he goes down the road.

12-21-09 008

All this walking is interfering with his chewing.

12-21-09 025

B.O.B. - Hey if the new kid can steal some hay, so can I.

12-21-09 002

Tom and Norma; also traveling the USA - by car.

12-21-09 026

Some folks waiting by the side of the road to see the team and wagon.

12-21-09 027

The first of many visitors at a small grocery store.

12-21-09 028

When Kudzu eats cars!

12-21-09 029

Dee, driving as we crossed the state line.

12-21-09 031