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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2


6/23/10, Hesperus, CO - This was a great day, bringing us from the Biker Rally at the Campground, to the turnoff for La Plata Canyon.  It was a day of lots of hills, but we conquered them with the Unicorn hitch.

Before I pulled out this morning, Shawn, from the Hangmen Motorcycle Club stopped by to pay my camping bill and bring me a nice bale of hay - Thanks Again.

I harnessed all three horses, but only hitched up the two Belgians.  Doc was left on the rear until we encountered the big hills leading up to Hesperus. The first 4 miles was mostly down hill or flat, leading back out to State Route 160.

6-23-10 00102

If you look closely, you can see the doe in this picture!

After pulling about half of the first hill, I knew it was time to break out the big guns.  Taking the ĎDoc-sterí from the back of the trailer, I threw him out in front, and shifted into overdrive.  It was like going from driving a jalopy, then having someone give you a nice little sports car.

I did have a drunk or stoner pass pretty close to the wagon, even though there was an empty passing lane, but I managed to stay calm (sort of).

6-23-10 00302

The wagon, in our Ferrari configuration.

Traffic was moving along pretty good, so not a lot of people stopped until lunchtime, then I had four or five guests.

This evening, Iím settled behind the Kennebec Cafe, right at the corner of State Hwy 160 and County Road 124 (La Plata Canyon Road). Just as I was putting the lads into the playpen, a raccoon went for Docís apples in the trailer. In my rush to get a picture, I dropped the camera and dislodged the lens.  I tried to fix it with a pair of pliers, and low and behold - I did (what are the odds?)  But, no picture of the raccoon. However, I can tell you he was a thief, as he was wearing a mask!

6-23-10 00402

Some folks visiting the team at the restaurant.

Barbara, the owner of the restaurant, had a waiter deliver a wonderful meal to me out at the wagon.  It was the best Mediterranean cuisine Iíve ever had.  So, If youíre in the area of Hesperus, CO, this is the place to stop!

Tomorrow, Iím off to the home of my good friends Jesse and Kevin, at the mouth of La Plata Canyon. Somehow, I think Iím going to have a good time.  La Plata Canyon is one of those good Karma places, where you always have a nice warm feeling inside!

6-23-10 00502

This is Norman, who was really excited about the short drive from in front of the restaurant to my camping location. He hasnít been on a horse drawn wagon since he was a kid.

6-23-10 00602

The team settled in by the restaurant. The mouth of La Plata Canyon is shown behind them.

6-23-10 002

When I checked my camera, I did have a raccoon picture,  The lighting was poor, but when I enhanced the image, you can see the little rascal poking his head out from around the tree.