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Happy Thanksgiving


10/26/09 - Bruceville, IN - Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We drove a relatively short distance today, before settling in for the night at a really nice location.  Before I tell of the days events, Bob the horse wanted to interject with a short commentary:

B.O.B, - My first comment is that Bobby-boy the Teamster has been really cool.  Heís springing with the alfalfa bales like thereís an endless supply - way to go Bobby!

My second comment is about my partner Bill.  Every since Bill watched those old cowboy and Indian reruns on the barn T.V., heís been worried about an ambush.  Heís constantly troubled about an attack from his right flank. As we go down the road, he checks his right flank for hostile attackers. Bob the Teamster thinks itís just another example of Billís A.D.D.  I know otherwise - Bill is on the lookout for bad guys!

11-26-09 003

Teamster Bob - Denise and I only drove about 14 miles today. It was cool, but we were warm, nestled inside our wagon cocoon. Tonight, we were invited to camp in a really nice location - a semi-wooded peninsula, surrounded by a pond.  Our host graciously provided several really nice bales of 2nd cut alfalfa hay, and the horses are fat and happy.

This was a really great day!

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