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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Guess What? Another Great Day


11-30-09, Mount Erie, IL - The last day of November was another fantastic day of travel.  Last night’s rain broke to clear skies in the late morning. Last night we were guests of Joe and Rebecca Nikart in the town of Lancaster.  This morning, we said goodbye to our gracious hosts. The amigos really appreciated the hay and opportunity to roll and stroll.  Denise and I were grateful to meet out hosts and accept a large bag of scrumptious food from Rebecca - Thank you.

11-30-09 001

Today, we traveled over a nice road - Route 11, and had a great day with light traffic and mostly flat terrain. Doc and Bill were hitched, which make for nice driving - they pull about the same and are the easiest to drive. Bob was more than happy for the day off.  Anytime he can just walk along to the oat bucket at the end of the day, is a good day for him.

11-30-09 004

Lunch was at the water treatment plant in the village of West Salem. Just before we pulled off, the reporter for the local paper caught us for a short interview. Internet coverage is real spotty on the back roads of Illinois,  The only way I could post yesterday’s blog was to let Denise drive and monitor the computer for a WiFi connection.

11-30-09 005

Tonight, we’re camped at Gene and Sharon Gardner’s place, a couple miles east of Mount Erie.  We had a great day and are looking forward to a nice restful night. The team is back in their electric playpen, but they seem very happy to munch their grass.  There are other horse on the property, so I don’t think they would go far if they did get out - I just knocked on wood.