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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Good Friends in La Garita


9/1/10, La Garita, CO - One of my side trips I had planned for the San Luis Valley, was to visit my friends Jerry and Bonnie in the town of La Garita.

By the way, I think I fixed the problem with the Trip #3 page so everything should be back on line.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

I started the morning off, 20 miles to the south and east of La Garita.  I knew it was a long day of pulling for horses that are used to sitting on their duff, so I hitched up the tough guys, Doc and Bill.  They started off with a bang, but even they started to fizzle the last few miles of the day.

Last April, when I was driving through New Mexico, I met Jerry Nusbaum several times, as he was hauling alfalfa down to the dairy farms near Clovis, NM.  Jerry farms several 1/2 mile circles of alfalfa hay, so he stays pretty busy in the off season hauling the big square bales down to New Mexico.  On one trip, he brought his wife Bonnie down to visit with me. While in NM, they invited me to stop by their place in La Garita if I ever came that way.  I didnít think I would ever be driving by La Garita, but here I am.

4-12-10 00502

Jerry and Bonnie Nusbaum, last April, south of Santa Fe, NM.

Tonight we had a nice cookout with a bunch of friends (about half the town - but itís a small one). It was a real nice bunch of people and we spent the evening eating burgs and swapping stories.

The lads are settled down, along with the wagon, in Jerryís RV park for the night.

All day long I met some great folks along the road.  With all of the great folks I met today, itís been really pleasant.

9-1-10 002

A nice pronghorn, about 300 yards outside of the town of La Garita.

Tomorrow morning, Iím headed north towards the town of Saguache. The GPS says I have about a week and a half to go to reach Colorado Springs. Before I get there Iíll have to climb Poncha Pass, then travel down the Arkansas River Canyon, until Iím east of Canon City, then I trek north and West of Ft. Carson until I reach CO Springs.