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11/10/09, Bentonville, IN - The last few days have been busy ones.

All of the construction and maintenance work is now done on the wagon and trailer, and we池e now ready for winter travel. Today, I started packing the wagon for the trip.

While I知 out on this trip, I知 moving all of my personal belongings out of the Barngalo, so Dave and Marti can use it for guests while I知 gone.  I知 about half done with this task.

My last hitch was two days ago.  I drove Bill and Bob down to a parking lot and put them through some maneuver training. We did figure-eights, sweep turns, gait changes and backing. This is some of the best training you can do with a team. It builds confidence and teaches obedience. With the old 4-Up team, I use to do this periodically when they weren稚 listening real well. It痴 amazing how ten minutes of training can change a teams attitude. After the parking lot, I drove a few miles through town and down US Route 40 to reintroduce them to traffic.

Tomorrow, I plan on going back to the Unicorn hitch. I知 going to hook up the trailer to the wagon and start driving in the configuration we値l use on the trip out west.  Everything still looks good for a departure on Saturday morning.  Barry Rayburn is bringing his Quarterhorse over and riding along as an outrider for a couple of days.

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