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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Funny Kids in Nettleton

2-2-09, Nettleton, MS - Last nightís rain broke to cloudy but clearing skies this morning.  The first part of the day was over flat terrain, but this was the fifth day driving and the horses were ready for a day off. 

Lunch was in Plantersville, shortly after I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few things.  A lot of folks stopped by to chat during lunch, including one nice guy who brought me a 4 pound stick of venison sausage.

There were a few hills with steep grades after lunch, but the team stuck in there.  As we were coming into the outskirts of Nettleton, I stopped and rested the team and met with several nice folks with kids who wanted to pet the horses. While there, I accepted an invitation to stay with some folks across the street. This turned out to be some really terrific people.

The horses are bedded down comfortably in a two acre paddock with plenty of feed and water. The family took me to dinner in Tupelo at Ryans buffet restaurant.  Everybody had a great time and the kids definitely helped keep the mood light! - Thanks Everybody!

The team and I are taking tomorrow off to rest up before we push south.  Iím sure it will be a great day.


Journey 2-2-09 003

Driving Happily Down the Road

Journey 2-2-09 002

Out-take of previous picture - Hey the timer didnít work!

Journey 2-2-09 007

View From My Hands

Journey 2-2-09 009

Some Kids are Frightened of Horses

Journey 2-2-09 012

Nice Extended Family Iím Staying With

Journey 2-2-09 016

Funny Kids at Supper

Journey 2-2-09 017
Journey 2-2-09 019