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From Ohio School to Indiana


12/9/08, Lynn, IN - It started raining, about the time I got up this morning.  I really didnít mind too much - it wasnít snow! The horses and I got are act together and hit the road shortly after 9 am. We were on our way to a small private school, about 5 miles down the road.

When we pulled into the school, a fine rain was coming down. The students and staff first gathered under the porch where I introduced myself and told a little about my trip. After I brought out the big bag of horse treats, the kids got to pet and feed them. The horses really like trips to schools! We then went back under the porch where the students asked some really good questions about the trip.  Unlike many adults, they rarely ask the obvious.  We visited for about 45 minutes and it was really enjoyable. Before I left, Anthony Miller agreed to have my propane bottles refilled - thanks Anthony.

Journey 12-9 001

I had lunch in a nice country restaurant in Palenstine, OH (the last town in Ohio).  While having lunch, I saw about 15 minutes of TV - mostly about the corruption case against the Illinois governor.  Pretty amazing that a guy like that could be elected to the governorís office, then throw away his integrity and life for a few bucks that he would have squandered on meaningless stuff.  Oh well, thatís enough TV for a few weeks.

About an hour and a half down the road we hit the Indiana state line.  It was a long haul across Ohio, but I met a lot of really nice people in the Buckeye state.  

Journey 12-9 003

Tonight, weíre staying at the Flying Saucer Truck Stop in Lynn, IN - about 7 miles past the state line. It was getting late by the time we pulled in at 5 pm.  I donít have a power connection to recharge the batteries, but other than that, we have everything we need.  I solved the question about whatís for dinner by going over to the truck stop diner.

It was a long day. In addition to the stop at the school, we put in 18 miles on the road. The horses are bedded down in their paddock behind the electric fence. Their little rain suits are keeping dry and warm while they devour a couple of nice bales of clover hay and their oats.

Tomorrow, we continue west on US 36. In about 25 more miles, weíll be taking a turn to the south on route 3, until in intersects with route 44.