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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Foggy Road to Gosport

11/20/09, Gosport, IN - We had a very nice day of driving, with a great place to camp at the days end.

The morning started with a fairly heavy fog. We waited until after morning rush hour before pulling out of the grain mill. I had the two Belgians hitched up, with Doc being ridden by Denise.  Traffic was fairly light, and not too much of a problem.  I used the red and blue flashing lights to warn cars coming up behind us.  They do a great job of cutting through the traffic and slowing vehicles down. The lads were fairly fresh and pulled very well.

Everywhere we went today, we encountered some real nice people.  Lunchtime was at J.W. Jones’ heavy equipment business, in the town of Paragon. J.W, and his employees went out of their way to welcome us.

We camped that night at J.W.’s great Stable, a couple miles south of Gosport. This is a great property of several hundred acres, that Mr. Jones opens up free of charge to the general horse riding public. It includes camping spots, accommodations for horses, and several miles of excellent horse riding trails.

Last night, John Jones Jr. and other friends stopped by Wagonteamster camp for drinks and a bite to eat. We all had a great time and it was a nice ending to a perfect day.

On the 21st, we’re expecting several friends from Michigan to show up for a nice horse-type weekend. We’re going to mix an early Thanksgiving dinner with some horseback riding and goofing off in horse camp. The lads are getting a couple of days off before we continue our journey.


11-20-09 001

Cowboy Checklist: Teal colored, wool heine pad - A useful item to keep the cowboy from riding too high in the stirrups!

11-20-09 004

Lunch in Paragon at J.W.’s business. This young lady took a liking to Barry’s Quarterhorse.

11-20-09 017

Stopping for groceries in Gosport.

11-20-09 019

Denise, in her pizza advertising pose.

11-20-09 014

A roadside break

11-20-09 021

Camped once again at J.W. Jones’ beautiful stables.

11-20-09 032

Wagonteamster Camp