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Finally, Some Time Off


4/16/10, Medanales - After 11 days and 208 miles of travel, the team and I are going to get a couple of days off. All the horses are very physically fit and not fatigued, but they need rest from a psychological standpoint.

To date on this trip, we have journeyed for 5 months and passed through 2000 miles of beautiful American countryside. After another week of travel, weíll cross the great divide, and enter into Leg Three of our big loop through this wonderful land we live in.

While on the third segment of the journey, youíll notice some not so subtle changes in how we travel.  The most obvious difference is that the team and I will be putting in far fewer miles, on a day to day average.  The Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains is probably the gem of this great land of ours.  I intend to enjoy it as much as possible. And just as importantly, the trout fishing is fantastic. A common scene you will see on the blog is the teamster wading in a mountain stream, with gray granite peaks, covered with patches of snow and low green trees, providing the backdrop. Nestled in their little playpen, my stalwart companions will be delicately sampling the spicy grasses of a high mountain meadow.  Youíre also going to view red rock arches, deep canyons, green mountain sides covered with gray rock strewn talus slopes and endless reaches of high desert. Itís going to be an arduous, but fun filled journey. Most importantly, Iíll be showing the great people that fill this land of ours.

4-16-10 001

A mom and her little boy on our travels this morning.

I had a very restful night at Joseís place. Having ate their hay, the team laid waste to the grass in their pasture. After hitching up, our first stop was down the road at a great Mexican diner. A neighbor, Walter, and his brother took me took me out for breakfast, where I devoured a great meal of eggs, beans, homemade tortillas and potatoes, all covered in green chili sauce. 

Jose, Walter, and all the rest of the good folks in the town of Hernandez were exceptional people and it was a real pleasure getting to know them.

4-16-10 002

As we trekked down the road, several cars stopped to let their kids greet the horses.  I managed to capture a couple of them with pictures.  I also got to hold the little girl that is pictured above as she petted the horses. It amazes me how gentle these great beasts are with little children.  But Iím always careful to assess the situation and their demeanor before I let the public approach them.

I was headed for a prearranged stopover with some folks just north of the town of  Medanales. I talked with these folks over the phone this morning, and it sounded like they were busy this weekend, so I was leaning towards an invitation I had, farther north, up by the Abiquiu Dam.  Just as I was getting ready to pullout from a roadside lunch, I met Kevin and Liz, who live just south of Medanales. They live on a small ranch and asked that I rest up with them. This sounded like a good place to rest the team, so I was very pleased to accept their offer.

4-16-10 003

Ever guess how calming it is to the soul when you rub the forehead of a horse like Doc?

Kevin and Liz are a very nice couple and the horses are comfortably settled down and enjoying their turnout. Kevin is an aspiring screen writer and asked that I provide him with some technical assistance on a piece he is writing.  Liz works in the Environmental Section at Los Alamos.  They have a great place here that is very friendly and relaxing.

Kevin loaned me his Verizon Data Card to publish this blog.  I currently have AT&T, which ever since the introduction of the Apple I-Pod, has had miserable service (the AT&T system is overloaded and Iím forever getting booted off).  Since my contract with AT&T expires this month, Iíll definitely be switching to Verizon.

4-16-10 004

The Team, settled into their deluxe Indoor/Outdoor accommodations.

Iíve been so preoccupied with the condition of the team, Iíve neglected the fact that I could use some time off too.  Iíve got a little wagon maintenance and some shoeing to do, but other than that, Iím going to relax and get off the daily routine for a couple of days.  But, I will be keeping up with the blog during my time off.