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End of March Update


3/28/09 - Hickory, NC - I would like to start this journal entry off by thanking everyone for all the support I continue to receive. 

Iím continuing to mend, but as impatient as I am, it seems like itís going way too slow.  Iím walking about 3 to 5 miles a day, but the left shoulder is definitely taking itís time. But considering the fact that I got ran over by an 18 wheeler at highway speed only 6 weeks ago, I guess itís not going too bad.

There was a lot of criticism about comment that ďDriverĒ wrote on the guestbook that the wheel team (Deedee and Joyce) were too thin.  While I would have said it a little more tactfully, I have to agree with him, they were too thin and needed a good long rest.  They are/were coming 16 years old and the pace I had set for them in the previous 6 weeks was too fast. A late start had me moving too fast to stay ahead of the snowstorms as I came south. A couple of days after the accident I was going to give them some rest and good feed for a couple of weeks before I carried on at a more leisurely pace. Then, when I found a good home for them I was going to retire them and replace them with a younger team. The lead team were younger and had actually gained weight on the trip (muscle is denser then fat). 

Doc and Joyce continue to do well. The following picture was taken by Robert Burnettle at Dr. Billie Calverts place last Monday.  Thanks to the Riddle brothers, I should be going down to pick them up in a couple of weeks. Thanks to Dr. Calvert and all the folks stopping by to feed them a carrot or an apple theyíre having a pretty good time in Mississippi.