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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Elnora! - Just Outside Odon

6/29/09, Elnora, IN - Six months to the day from my previous stop in Elnora, I again stopped in this great little town. All day long, nearby residents have been stopping by to welcome us back - it has been great!

Weíre camped at the fairgrounds, in front of the livestock barns, exactly where we parked last December. Iím typing this in my shirt sleeves, with the window open (thatís something different from last winter.)

We drove 22 miles today, over fairly good terrain. The team were enjoying themselves in the cooler weather and did most of the day at a trot.  The horses had their most challenging obstacle crossing the river at Newbury.  This was their first big river crossing on a truss bridge - they did great.  A friend managed to shoot the whole sequence as we went across the bridge.  Iíve included it in the pictures to the right.

Just outside Newbury, I was pulled over by the Indiana State Police for using the Red and Blue flashing lights.  The trooper was very courteous and reminded me that these color flashers are reserved for emergency vehicles only in the state of Indiana.  When I explained that I only use them to warn traffic in difficult situations, he sympathized with me and cautioned me to use them as little as possible while in the state.

Itís great to be back in the friendly town of Elnora and the welcome here was fantastic. Folks have been stopping by all evening to welcome me and offer assistance.

Tomorrow, my good friend Chuck Steadman is taking me out to the Amish community in Odon to pick up some collar pads, new driving lines and horse shoes. When I get back, I have to reshoe both horses.  I was proud of the fact that my ďslap-onĒ shoe job with a broken shoulder held up the last couple of hundred miles. Iím quite a bit stronger now and should be able to do a little better job.

I probably wonít be driving out to the Graber farm for Horse Progress Days until Thursday.


6-30-09 003

Crossing the river at Newbury, IN

6-30-09 008
6-30-09 013
6-30-09 014
6-30-09 015
6-30-09 017

At Last - Elnora, IN

6-30-09 019

Chuck Steadman

6-30-09 021