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Elderberry Wine

1/3/09, Somerville, IN - I pulled out of Wyatt Seed just before 9 am. Deedee had a loose shoe, so I had to tighten it up a bit first.

We weren’t a half hour down the road, when a very nice lady presented me with a bottle of homemade Elderberry wine.  I had a glass at lunch time and it sure was good!  It was a quiet morning and we drove the 11 miles to the town of Oakland City.

Lunch was in the parking lot for the Dollar General store on route 57. A lot of people stopped by to say hi, including a nice guy and his wife from Washington, IN who brought us 4 really nice bales of hay - Thanks!

It started raining just as I was putting their bridles back on for the afternoon pull.  Right across the street from the Dollar General was a hardware store where I picked up a couple of sacks of oats.

The first picture is one I shot with the camera as we were getting underway.  As you can see, I like riding with a blanket on my lap in the winter - it’s real comfy!  The second shot is a typical gas station stop. 

The last picture was taken where we bedded down for the night. I was tired of driving in the rain and thought just a touch of civilization would be nice.  So, when I saw the sign for the “Loading Zone” Bar and Grill when passing the town of Somerville, I banged an immediate left turn.

We’re now camped on a lawn across from the tavern which has great burgers and cheap beer - life is good! Quite a few of the towns 600 inhabitants stopped by to see the horses, including a nice guy that brought a couple of bales of hay.

Tomorrow, I have a prearranged stop just north of Evansville with Roy and Kim. The horses are going to get a day of rest and a visit from the veterinarian.  I want to make sure they have all their shots and health certificates before heading into Kentucky.


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