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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
East Fork of the Cimmaron


5/30/10, East Fork, Cimmaron River - It was a lazy morning, and we didnít pull out of the camping spot near the public corral until about 9:30 am.  It was a tough pull until the road topped off, a couple of hundred feet higher than the Silverjack Reservoir. Ideally, I was looking for a nice camping spot where I could both see the mountains and do a little pond or lake fishing, as the rivers are still running hard and full of silt.

After meeting some folks and a Forrest Ranger, I decided on camping on the East Fork of the Cimmaron for the mountain view and good grazing; while saving the fishing for tomorrow, on Rowdy Lake.

5-30-10 003

Doc, taking the day off behind the wagon.  In the background, Silverjack Reservoir is a couple of hundred feet below the roadbed.

It was a beautiful day, with sunny skies, warming up to the 60ís by afternoon. Everybody we passed seemed delighted and surprised to see a horse drawn wagon, moving through the National Forrest, over 9000 feet above sea level.  As I was pulling abreast of the north end of the Reservoir, I met a Forrest Ranger, who gave me some good advice on a camping location.

5-30-10 005

Warren, who works for the Forrest Service has never seen a horse-drawn wagon up here in the Cimmaronís. There probably has been one since the day when the harnesses were hung up in favor of the automobile.

Not long after I turned off on the East Fork road, I found a really nice meadow with good grazing and a view of the mountains. There was even a small stream running through the meadow, so I didnít have to water the team. 

After setting up camp and eating lunch, I pulled the horses out to go for a horseback ride.  The saddles were left with the trailer down at the ranch, so we rode off bareback. I rode Bill, with his sawtooth backbone while Caroline took Doc. Bob just tagged along. We rode a couple of miles up the valley, until the road turned into a trailhead for the East Fork Trail. 

5-30-10 006

Getting ready to unhitch the team in the mountain meadow.

Other than the ride of the valley, the team has a lazy day, and got a chance to eat a lot of fresh mountain grass and take a couple of catnaps.  I think the Amigos really like the idea of a vacation in the mountains.

We visited with several other families camping in the valley and their kids got a kick out of petting and sitting on the horses.

After a spaghetti dinner, we ended the day with a nice campfire. I really enjoyed the day and look forward to another day of vacationing from my normal vacation!

5-30-10 015

Wagonteamster Camp, on the East Fork of the Cimmaron River.

Tomorrow, Iím headed back down the Big Cimmaron river a few miles to Rowdy Lake for a little fishing.

5-30-10 022

Doc and Bill enjoying their vacation.

5-30-10 023-1

B.O.B, munching a little grass.