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Driving With Good Friends


12/26/09, Lepanto, AR - Denise and I were honored to have a couple of our good friends from Black Oak along on the wagon for the day.  Roland and Scott agreed to join us for the drive to Lepanto.  Unfortunately. Randy (second from the left) couldnít make the trip.

Everybody had a great day and we had perfect weather, great roads and met wonderful people.  You could say it was a pretty darn good day.

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12-26-09 008

I had Doc and Bill hitched today, and they were really stepping out. They were both well rested and enjoying the chance to put some new pavement under their hooves.

We stopped for lunch at the Carraway store and gas station that was on the highway.  Quite a crowd gathered to say Ďhií and meet the team.  Several folks bought copies of my book.  This was a really great lunch.

All morning and afternoon, people were stopping to chat and take pictures.  We saw a lot of folks several times.

It was with regret that such a fine day drew to a close. Roland arranged a stop for us at a farm on the far side of Lepanto. The horses have a nice dry paddock and are enjoying the chance for a good roll.

Denise and I just enjoyed some chicken alfredo and a glass of wine.  They really donít come much better then this day; but then again, this is the wagon, and an even better day is possibly just around the corner!

12-26-09 009

The local ditches and river barely contained the rain from 2 days ago.

12-26-09 012

A young Doc admirer at lunch

12-26-09 026

Scott, trying his hands on the driving lines.

12-26-09 030

Denise and Roland in the back, while Scott and I were out on the front porch.

12-26-09 032

Our two guests for the day

The amigos, with a nice paddock for the evening.

12-26-09 036