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6/20/09, Homer, IN - The team had a nice trek today (21 miles) and they know it. The past few weeks have been easy street for them while I worked on the wagon and got myself back in shape, now they’re paying for it. 

We’re settled in tonight at a farm owned by Susan Houston.  Susan and her daughter settled us on the property for the night, but were also kind enough to pick us up fried chicken dinners from the local Knights of Columbus -Thank You!

A few miles west of Rushville we pulled into the local Crop Productions facility and ran the team and wagon over the scales. The fully loaded wagon came in at 3800 pounds.  The combined team weight was 3740 pounds.  I figure Bob will weigh in at just under 2000 pounds and Bill will come in just under 1800.

It was a very pleasant day of travel through some busier roads and included one small city (Rushville). The team handled the traffic well and there were no real surprises.  We stopped for lunch in the Walmart parking lot in Rushville.  Quite a few folks stopped by to chat and see the horses.  I still have to be real careful letting both adults and kids approach the horses as they haven’t adjusted to the adoring public yet. 

As we were leaving the Walmart parking lot, Bill (the occasional brat) had to pretend he was a tough guy and rear up about 2 feet, which did nothing but earn him a slap on the butt with the driving lines. I don’t think he’ll try that again for a while (it will be something different next time.)

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Cliff Berry has agreed to start up the Google map for the trip, using different colored pushpins for trip number 2 - thanks Cliff.