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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Doc's Day Off


5/26/10, Montrose, CO - Today was one of those perfect days off. The weather was absolutely the best, 85 degrees, sunny, dry air and bright sunshine.

When I take the day off, itís time to catch up on a few chores and maybe relax a little. When the horses get a day off, itís time to eat a lot of chow and relax a lot. Nobody has the routine down pat like ĎOl Doc.  He has developed the day off into a rare art form.

I managed to take a few pictures that caught what he considered to be, the highlights of his day.


Doc is always ready to try something new.  In this case, it was identical twin, three year old girls.

For my chores, I had to do some stitching on the front canvass.  After that, Billy got some new shoes put on his front feet.  Other than that, I managed to squeak in some rest and recuperation myself. 

Tomorrow morning, Iím on the road again. In the short term, I think Iíll head east on route 50 for a bit. This will take me to the Gunnison River, and the north side of the Uncompohgre and Powderhorn Ranges.  Iíve never been there, so it might be interesting to do a little exploring. This not a change in direction for the trip, I just decided to aimlessly wander for awhile. I donít plan on taking any 11 or 12 thousand foot passes, so Iíll probably just backtrack when I get a little of this wanderlust out of my blood.  (Imagine that, me, getting the wanderlust out of my blood?)

Before I head down anymore National Forrest access roads, Iím going to pick up a sheet of plywood.  With that, I can walk the horses individually across cattle guards, then draw the wagon across with a rope.  Or, if they are only 4 feet wide, I can just drive the wagon across.

5-26-10 003

ďHey Doc, you look really relaxed there. Thereís a strange look about you.  I canít quite figure it out?Ē 

5-26-10 005

ďWhatís with the strange expression you have on your face?Ē

5-26-10 004

ďOh, now I see what it is. Itís a hay-eating grin.  You must have just won the ĎWorldís Biggest Wagon Bumí award!Ē