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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Day Off in Lamesa


3/21/10, Lamesa, TX - I decided to take a day off here at the farm of Kenneth and Hadley.  After going out for early dinner today, I used the rest of the afternoon to reset the shoes on Bill and refill all of my water containers. It was a nice peaceful day, and my hosts are terrific.

You may think that the picture below was taken when the Biscuit Wagon was under construction - Not so. This is a new wagon under construction by Steve Rich, of Cherokee, AL.  When I was in Camden, AR, Steve and his friend Billy Joe, drove 400 miles from NW Alabama to see me, and more importantly, the Biscuit Wagon.  He had been following my blog for some time, and liked the wagon so much, he wanted to build a replica.

So, these gentlemen came to Arkansas armed with a digital camera, tape measure and a notepad.  They measured and shot pictures for quite a while to get all the details of the construction down pat.  They also had the benefit of Bernie Harberts website, which showed details of the construction.

Iím going out on a limb here, but I bet this wagon cost more then what I paid for mine - thanks Bernie.

Picture 004

Biscuit Wagon II under construction in Cherokee, AL

The hard surface horseshoes that Iíve been using are holding up very well. This was the second reset Iíve gotten on Billís shoes.  Graber Steel, an Amish company in Odon, IN are the only people that put the Drill Tek on with a wire welder.  I only pay $38 for four #5 through #8 Kerkheart draft horse shoes.  This is cheaper then I could make them myself.  If you want to order size 000 to #8 draft, hard surface shoes, call Nick Graber at (812) 636-7733. Nick says heíll UPS them right out.

1-11-10 013

Scene from Camden, AR, with Billy Joe, myself and Steve Rich.

Tomorrow, weíre back on the road again.  In the morning, my host, Hadley, is running me into town for some grain and groceries. Then, Iím hitching up and heading north. My planned route right now is to Brownfield, TX, then north on US 385 to US 84, then to Clovis, NM, then US 60 to Encino, NM, then US 285 to Santa Fe, then US 84 to Pagosa Springs, CO.; then weíll see! Iím trying to time this so I miss the heat of the high desert of NM; and miss the snow in the mountains above Santa Fe.  Weíll see what Mother Nature has in store for us.