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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Day Off, Then Two Schools

2/3/09, Nettleton, MS - This was a relaxing day for both the horses and I.  The team wolfed down a couple of extra bales of hay and managed to get in some snoozing time in the afternoon sunshine.  Dolly, as always was hilarious.

My hosts, the Gray/Finley family were terrific.  I never cooked a single meal while I was visiting with them.

In one of the pictures below, Jimmie Gray is show holding Deedee, while his grandaughter sits on her.

2/4/09, Amory, MS - The morning was spent visiting schools, while the afternoon was spent on the road. At about 8:30 am I was hitched and on the road with my hostess, Debbie Gray as a passenger.

First stop was at the Nettleton primary school (Kindergarten through 3rd grade).  At various times we had about 400 kids show up to see the horses and talk a little about wagon travel.  As always with kids, it was a great time.  The team really knows the drill when theyíre amongst the kids.  They move slow and are very careful how they pick treats out of little fingers using their lips. I let some of the kids set on Deedee and Doc while I talk to them and let them pet the horses.

Debbie rode with me to the second stop at the Happy Hearts Day care center, a couple of miles away.  Here the 2 through 5 year olds got a chance to pet the horses and give them some treats.  The 4 year old class gave me a whole envelope of Thank You cards that they made!

It was 11 am by the time we finished up there, so I broke the team out for lunch before we went any further.  After lunch, I sadly said goodbye to Jimmie and Debbie Gray and to all the other good folks I got to know in Nettleton. Nettleton, MS joins a list of favorite towns that I have visited on my trip.  Other memorable towns (this is not a complete list) include, Franklin, NH, Cavendish, VT, Hudson Falls, NY, Urbana, OH, Shelbyville and Elnora, IN, Slaughters, KY and Paris, TN.

Down the road a few miles, Debbieís cousin Chris stopped by with a couple of bags of grain for me - Thanks.

Iím camped tonight in the city of Amory. It was pretty amazing moving the team through this town.  Everywhere we went cars were pulled over with people waving and taking pictures, Just about every buisness we passed people came outside to watch and wave. This is in sharp contrast to some cities of this size that Iíve traveled through when only about half a dozen people have waved.

Tonight, Iím camped behind a gas station next to a Mexican restaurant. The gas station manager and employees have been great. I walked next door for some enchilladas for supper.

This has been a really fun day.  Tomorrow, Iím continuing down route 25 south, then picking up route 45 south.


Journey 2-4-09 002

Dolly, trying to find the best way to rest her chin.

Journey 2-4-09 004

Hmmm, thatís a little better.

Journey 2-4-09 003

Doc, showing best way to relax

Journey 2-4-09 005

Horse class at Nettleton Elementary

Journey 2-4-09 007
Journey 2-4-09 006

Kids enjoying horses at Nettleton Elementary

Journey 2-4-09 009

Happy Hearts Daycare, Nettleton

Journey 2-4-09 014

Crossing the bridge over the Tom-Tenn Waterway

Journey 2-4-09 015

Downtown Amory, TN