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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Cumbres Pass


7/21/10, Cumbres Pass, CO - After a late start and a long climb, the lads pulled me to about 300 feet in elevation below the summit of Cumbres Pass.

Last night, the boys appeared to find the only burdock plants in their pasture.  Doc looked like the Burdock King. His mane and fetlocks were full of it. Bill also managed to get a mane full.  B.O.B., always careful of his image, retained his long flowing locks of hair. There was only one remedy for this malady; the lads got their manes roached. It was either that or spend about 3 hours picking out the burrs.

Iím past due to get my mane roached too. Maybe if I rub my head in a bunch of burdock, some stranger will take a pair of scissors to me!


7-21-10 003

Doc, sporting his ĎBurdock Hairdoí

After saying goodbye to my gracious hosts, I pulled out about 9:30 and headed for the grocery/hardware store.  I had to pick up some grain, and also a piece of replacement glass for my back window, which was broken on the La Plata Canyon camping trip.  Iíve sort-of got the glass in the frame, but Iíll have to redo my work with some silicon sealant - maybe tomorrow.

I drew quite a crowd when I stopped at the gas station across the street.  If I had a way of charging $1 for every picture people take, I could fund the whole trip.

7-21-10 004

The boys, posing for a photo-op with a young lad on the lines. You might notice B.O.B.ís buff hairdo.  Since the other two got a haircut, B.O.B. got one too.

By the time I ran all my chores, I only drove a couple of miles before pulling over for lunch. When I rehitched the team, I put them in a Unicorn for the 2,200 foot climb up Cumbres Pass. It was a long hard pull and the lads were pretty well spent by the time we pulled over to camp.

Tonight, weíre just off the highway on a National Forrest Access road. The lads have some real nice graze and Iím settled in for the evening. Since my refrigerator ice wonít last past tomorrow evening, I cooked up a bunch of southern fried chicken and gravy for the evening meal.

7-21-10 008

Back in the State of Colorado on our way up to Cumbres Pass.

Itís nice and cool at 10,000 feet, so I might just hangout in the high country for a couple of day - Iíll see what lies ahead.

Overall, this was a nice day of driving, full of great scenery and wonderful people!

7-21-10 009

A nice camping location, just below the summit of the pass.  You can see where the road and narrow gauge railroad bed cuts across the side of the hill, just below the summit of the pass.