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3/3/09, Hickory, NC - I’ve got a lot mail asking about the status of the various critters.  First of all, Clementine is doing great. She’s here with me at my sister’s place in North Carolina and was really unaffected by the accident (she the incredible flying poodle). A big thank you to the Bonner’s for policing her up following the accident and bringing her to the vet to get checked out.

I just talked to the vet about the horses yesterday. They’re still with Dr. Calvert in Dekalb, MS. They’re doing great and are completely sound.  It will take a few more weeks for their flesh wounds to heal up and they’ll be fit to travel.  In the meantime, they’ve become neighborhood celebrities and are enjoying there status by wolfing down all of the carrots and apples that come their way. Being a member of apple-holics anonymous, Doc is enjoying falling off the wagon and indulging in his fruit filled sordid past.  I should be transporting them up to North Carolina in about a month.  Doc will make up the cornerstone of the new team, while Joyce is about do for an easy going (light work only type) retirement.

Deedee and Dolly were both killed instantaneously on impact during the accident - so they didn’t suffer at all.

The last critter on the crew is yours truly. This picture was taken in the hospital before I left for N.C. The biggest things I have to heal are a couple of broken neck vertebrae, a dozen broken ribs, a broken shoulder and a broken collar bone.  Most everything else was fixed.

So, there we are!

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