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Cold to Country Cooking

12/2/08 - Irwin, OH - Weíre currently right near the crossroads of where U.S. Route 36 separates from state route 4, south of Marysville.  Iíve stopped at Jodiís and Markís farm.

It was about 9:30 am before I left Brett and Carrieís place. I had to reset one of Docís rear shoes and chat with the family.  They were great hosts.

On the road to Marysville I stopped and chatted with Gordon, a friend of Pinkyís. A little farther down the road, I stopped at the Tractor Supply company to top off with grain. This was probably the worst customer service I have seen at a TSC. which usually is pretty good.

On the far side of Marysville I stopped and had lunch at a grocery store. During lunch, I chatted with a great guy -  Jason from the Marysville Police Dept.  He had just purchased a 7 month old Percheron filly. I think heíll end up getting the draft horse bug.

About 6 miles farther down the road, I pulled in for the night at Jodi and Markís farm, near the crossroads where state route 4 separates from US 36. Jodi cooked a fantastic meal and the family has the horses set up real well for the night.

No matter how the cold the day has been (and this was a cold one), a nice farm cooked meal of turkey, dressing, potatoes and homemade green beans will definitely warm you up!

I include a couple of pictures of what Clementine and I do to stay warm - I cook up a pot of coffee and turn on the cabin heat during break times. Clem just nestles in the covers on the bed and stays warm.  I only bother to half way make my bed in the morning, because Clementine, burrows in the covers and trashes the bed anyway.


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