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Cold, Snowy Day of Driving

12/1/08 - New Dover, OH - It was with reluctance, that I left Pinky Sheetsís place this morning. His friend Charlie (also a great teamster) stopped by to wish me off.

I hit the road about 8:30 am.  Before long the snow was falling at a good rate.  It wasnít sticking though, as the temperature was just above freezing. 

We managed to pass through the city of Delaware without causing anyone more then a 5 minute delay. If someone missed their chance for the double Latte at Starbucks - sorry. 

Lunch was alongside the road, a few miles west of town.  During lunch, a reporter and photographer for the Delaware newspaper stopped by for an interview.  I know they wanted to join me for a glass of wine at lunch, but alas, corporate America and itís stigma against the consumption of any alcoholic beverage prevented them (I bet that doesnít happen in France.)

A few miles farther down the road, with the windshield getting harder to see from, I stopped at a wide spot in the road in front of a home to rest the team and clean the Plexiglas.  While there, Brett, the homeowner invited me in for a cup of coffee. I drove the team up the drive and we ended up staying for the night.  It was an early quitting time, but it was awful cold and the horses and I were ready to hang it up.

Brett, his wife Carrie and the two kids, Sam and Emily are a very nice family.  The horses are very comfortable in their little enclosure for the night and Iíve been fed and excellent supper of home raised pork chops, fried potatoes and salad (it doesnít get much better than that!)

We only knocked off about 12 miles today, but it was cold, with wind driven snow in our face. 20 years from now, Iíll look back at days with weather like this and think of it as adventurous.   Today, it was just cold.  In spite of that, I found warmth with some nice people at the end of the day!



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