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Clementine's Drive to Spencer



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7/7/09, Spencer, IN - The day according to Clem:

“Before the crack of dawn, my buddy Bob was up stirring around and drinking some of that stinky coffee. Next thing I know, he was up running around doing all manner of things. Not me, I stretched out on the bed and had the whole thing to myself - ahhh!” When all of a sudden, I was getting shuffled all over the bed as he was making it back into a table and chairs.  I tell you, life as a wagon doggy is rough (ruff)!”

“After a quick breakfast of some of that dog food yuck, we were trotting down the road. Bob better take a new horse driving test, as he sure gives a bumpy ride!  Just as I was about to take a nap, there was this wonderful smell as we pulled into an Amish general store. Do you think that Bob would bring me some delicious treats to snack on? - No, I’ll tell you again about how hard life as a wagon doggy is.  As I saw it, I had two options: run around and let him chase me, or crap on the floor.  I’’m a clean doggy, so option one seemed good.”

“Of course just because I needed a little exercise, that mean doggy owner wanted to put me to work.  It’s a good thing he didn’t buy the right sized collar at Horse and Dog Progress Days!”

“After a hot and hilly day on the road, we’re finally camped in Spencer at some good friends. I take back everything I said about my buddy Bob.  He was an extra special pal who fed me New York Strip for supper (Non-wagon doggies get round roast or sirloin).  Time for bed again - Ruff Ruff (that means goodnight.)”

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