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Clementine - Ahh,  Another Day



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12/17/09, Dexter, MO - Clementine - A pretty pleasant Poodle Day. 

After sleeping in this morning, the Teamster finally rolled out of the sack when he had a nice visitor, delivering a couple of bales of hay for the horses.  I, of course, enjoyed the extra room in the bed, and stretched out while Bob was out socializing.

We didn’t rush off like most mornings. After feeding the horses, Bob had to put some new shoes on Doc, so I got a little extra snooze time.  All in all, it was a pretty good morning. I do have one complaint though; for a few weeks now, I’ve been out of that good home raised beef from Joe and Pat Mohr.  I’ve had to contend with food like roast pork and turkey - that “Ruffing-it”

We finally left the wonderful folks at the Bootheel Angus Farm shortly after noon.  During the later part of the afternoon, the road turned in to a four lane and traffic starting getting a little crazy. The teamster decided to get off the highway, so we’re camped off a back road for the night.

Bob needed help fixing supper, so I had the job of letting him know when the beef for the stir fry was cooked just right - ‘ruff’ job, but I’m the right poodle for a good taste test.  Denise really appreciated me helping Bob out, to ensure she got a good supper!

Yup, it’s a good thing old Bob has me along to handle the tough jobs.


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