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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Clem's Day Off in Nashville

12/7/09, Nashville, IL - Clementine - ĎOl Bob took the day off today.  Do you think I would be the center of attention - No!  He spent most of the day giving pedicures to the two Belgians.

Here I am, a cute little poodle, in need of a facial and a massage.  What do I get - Nada,  Itís a good thing I have a fall-back option. In the face of all this indifference, I can always count on my good old bed. I still like Bob better then the bed, but I tell you, the bed is starting to run a close second.

Well, itís no wonder Bob spends more time with the horses, then he does with me.  I glanced out the window once, and even saw Bill kissing Bobís butt.  You would think that Bill was part of corporate America, and trying to climb the company ladder.  Absolutely disgusting, I tell you.  That is definitely no way for a wagon horse to behave.

Well Bob got his just do.  Later, I saw Bill try to set his rear hoof down, and Bob went flying - right into a pile of horse poop.  I laughed so hard, you would have thought I was choking on a dog biscuit.

All this excitement has got me pretty tired, so Iím off to sleep - nighty night. Ruff day - absolutely ruff!


12-7-09 019
12-7-09 003

Rasping Bobís hoof.

12-7-09 013

Every horse should love their farrier!

12-7-09 018

Chilliní at the end of the day.

Sigh, some day off; Iím exhausted.

12-7-09 020