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Civilization For a Week!


11/10/08 - Norton, OH - After nearly 3 months of traveling at a sedate 3 mph, Iím strapping on one of those new-fangled horse-less carriages (rented) and transporting myself at warp speed to New Hampshire for a week.

The horses are set up perfectly - theyíve got a twenty acre field of good graze to themselves and are busy regressing into a herd of wild horses.  Lots of grass and a big field to frolic in for a week is just what they need.

All this came together when Dale Adams agreed to put up my mob for the week Iíll be in New Hampshire.  I met Dale through a nice guy named Marvin Hewlett, whom I met at a lunch stop along route 585. When I stopped for lunch at a gravel turnout alongside the road, an innocent looking mud puddle turned into a 2 foot sink hole with the front wagon wheels stuck in it.  The horses pulled out the front, but didnít get the rear out.  Marvin helped me out with a pull from his truck, then introduced me to Dale.

So, at 5 am tomorrow morning, Iíll pour some oats into the gas tank and light my afterburner for the Northeast.  One week out to be about all the pampered civilization I can handle.  However, I donít know if Iíll like tooling down the road with shouting ďgitup, gee, haw, whoa or whoa - damn itĒ