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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Celebrating Christmas

12/25/09, Black Oak, AR - Dee and I decided to take one more day off as guests of Scott McLaughlin before continuing our journey. 

It rained the entire day yesterday.  In the morning, the horse pen was pretty wet. By the afternoon, it was beginning to flood.  The temperature was in the fifties, but as soon as the water got deep enough to hit their fetlocks, the horses started getting cold.  We managed to clear out enough room in the old barn to stand them on the barn floor.  Today, the temperature dropped just below freezing, so Ive still got them in the barn with their blankets on.

Yesterday, we had a Christmas celebration with the McLaughlin/Walls family,  It was a good time with a really great bunch of people.  Dinner was great, and we really felt like part of the family.

Today, were getting some laundry done and resting up while the water recedes and some of the mud dries up.

Hopefully, the dash south and west from Indiana has seen us clear of most of the winter snow storms.  I guess well find out.  Now that the team has had a good rest, were ready to move across Arkansas and into Texas.


12-25-09 001

The team, standing in their pen Christmas Eve morning

12-25-09 012

How the area looked by early afternoon.

12-25-09 007

The Walls family poodle, who did his best to entice Clementine into a little play. She was more interested in taking a nap.

12-25-09 011

Christmas Dinner

12-25-09 035

Celebrating Christmas with the McLaughlin/Walls family.