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Camped in Elnora

7/1/09, Elnora, IN - Weíre still camped at the fairgrounds in Elnora.  The lads are enjoying the time off with a little rest and relaxation.

One of the chores I managed to get done in the last couple of days was to reshoe both horses.  It was a little easier this time, but I still managed to pull something in the old rib cage yesterday. But, it feels much better today. I still had to tranquilize Bill to do his back feet. The hard part is sticking him with a needle - heís about like the tough guys in the shot line when I went in the army (well, tough that is until they saw a needle.) 

Theyíre both havenít calloused up yet, so theyíre starting to pick up some minor shoulder and britchen galls and neck sores.  Iím treating them with Bickmoreís gall salve and I got some collar pads and sheepskin at the harness shop yesterday.

This is a great place to camp. A lot of people have been driving up to say hi, but itís still out of the rat race.  My buddy Chuck stopped by today so I could do some laundry and pick up some grain, groceries and propane. A nice fellow just dropped me off several pounds of potatoes, onions and cabbage - yum, boiled supper tonight!

Here on the fairgrounds, thereís a large group of kids playing a pickup game of touch football.  Itís reminiscent of American life 40 or 50 years ago - real nice.

After a nice relaxing evening (hopefully) Iíll hitch up tomorrow morning and drive about 8 or 10 miles to the Graber farm for Horse Progress Days. In the meantime, Bob will keep his eye on things, while Bill keeps his nose to the ground!


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