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Busy 4 Lane to Boonesville


1/30/09, Boonesville, MS - It was a nice day of driving, but a little nerve racking. The first 11 miles we traveled down US route 45 which is a 4 lane with no shoulders. The speed limit was 65 mph and it didn’t appear as if it was patrolled much, so the traffic was really moving.  At the first opportunity, we took a parallel route down old route 45 (route 145) which we’ll stay on for the next 50 miles or so.  The picture below was taken just as we were entering the town of Boonesville.

Photo Courtesy Boonesville Banner


Lunch was at an abandoned business along route 45. At lunch we met with several folks including a reporter and photographer from the Boonesville Banner.

Entering the town of Boonesville, I stopped at a veterinary clinic and asked them if I could camp out back.  They made me feel welcome and the horses are bedded down on a good sized piece of green grass.

This has been a day of highways, a few hills and a lot of traffic. It’s nice to sit back and relax for the evening. Tomorrow, we’re heading south on old route 45.

Photo courtesy Boonesville Banner