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Brrr, It's Not Suppose to Be Winter


11/22/08 - Congress, OH - As you can see by the picture below, it’s a cold, snow covered landscape that I’m traveling. We pulled out of the Sall farm at around 9:15 am.  I had to rebuild the driver side plexiglass door (Deedee trashed the old one when we pulled into the farm.) Tomorrow morning I’ll be rebuilding the other side door (I trashed it, when I pulled into the place tonight.)

The roads were about half snow covered for most of the day.  With temperatures in the low twenties and a stiff wind blowing, I was really glad that I boxed in the front of the wagon.

Journey 11-22

The Sall family were terrific hosts and I would like to extend my gratitude to them.

We made about 15 miles today and are currently located in the town of Congress, OH.  I detoured north of route 604 to avoid steep hills coming out of the “Canaan Cut”. However, there was a nice 15% grade hill that I didn’t know about on the detour.  About 3:30 pm, I hit the hill and the team balked.  I’m pretty sure we could have pulled it, but Doc had an attitude problem and gave up after a couple of half-hearted attempts.

Not to worry, on the wagon, problems have a way of being solved. Along came Doug and his truck with a piece of chain and we were once more on our way. It was getting close to dark and Doug arranged for us to stay at his Stepfather’s (Dave) place in Congress. It was just about dark when we pulled into Dave’s place.  Dave is a great host and was really excited to have us. He had previously been forwarded my blog and was beside himself that he actually got to host the team. Heck, I was beside myself to be hosted by Dave.

After I, fix the Plexiglas door, I’ll be pulling out for route 42 (about 6 or 7 miles away.) We should be on this route through Ashland, Mansfield and all the way to west of Columbus, where we’ll make another jog to the west. Right about now, It sure would be nice to see a palm tree.

For those of you that have been asking about Clementine, she’s doing great.  With the cold weather, she spends most of the day up in the bed, burrowed under the covers.  I think she’s ready for a palm tree as well.