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Bringing Smiles


2/27/10, Arnett, TX -  I use to say that I wasn’t on a mission with this trip, or trying to promote a cause.  Well, I no longer believe that’s true.  My mission (other than having a good time) is to put some smiles on a whole lot of faces and leave some good memories behind us. Every day we travel down the road, we have a very positive effect on dozens of people. I couldn’t imagine anything else I could do, that could possibly accomplish so much for the betterment of the world around me.

2-27-10 003

Not long after pulling out of the Geebler Ranch, we drove into the City of Gatesville.  This city is located at the northern gate for Fort Hood (the busiest Army Post in the country). With a lot of these soldiers either deployed overseas, or on their way to and from duty in the Mideast or South Asia, I took plenty of time working our way through the city.  We stopped at least a dozen times to chat with folks and let them pet the horses.

2-27-10 004

We settled for the night at the Boots & Saddles Cowboy Church, about 12 miles west of Gatesville.  The lads have a whole bunch of nice, green rye grass to devour.  The folks at the church have been great and we’re set up real well.

The afternoon was nice and warm and I spent a couple of hours kicking back in chair with some refreshment. After a winter of being cooped up in the wagon, it was nice to enjoy a warm breeze and a cool drink.

The computer program file that I use to post to this site was corrupted. I had a backup that was only a few days old, but you might notice some slight changes to a few of the previous posts - oh well, such is life in the computer age.

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