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Bob The Horse's Deep Thoughts


Deep Thoughts From Bob the Horse (Updated 11/21/09)

Being a philosophical horse, Bob occasionally feels the need to share his wisdom

If a guy has a horse, he can get out of town.  With a fast horse he can leave quickly. But with two fast horses, he can get out of town, not only right away, but in comfort!

I was once an Amish farm horse, and itís a good life.  However, if the farmer also has a tractor, life is better!

Being a Sorrel Belgian, I have a pile of Blonde Belgian jokes. I would tell you a few, but I have a feeling some of the mares would get upset!

I told Teamster Bob that heís lucky horseflies donít bother him. He responded that they do bug him, but they are called the IRS.  I told him to give them a good belly kick or tail swat. If that doesnít work, try a couple of bucks and stomps.

Bill wanted to tell a ďDeep ThoughtĒ.  I told him this is no place for a leader of horses or horse politicians.  They have a tendency to spout Harvard Business School rhetoric or political nice-ities.  This place is reserved for ďSolid Horse Sense.Ē

Some guys have a bouncing ball, well not me. This horse has a Bouncing Bill.  Billís a nice teammate, but frankly, Iím not sure what to do about him. Iím concerned that his bouncy, trotty behavior will affect his health.  I think Iíll ask Teamster Bob to get in touch with that Dr. Phil guy. Maybe he can prescribe Bill a ďChill PillĒ!

Roses are red, violets are blue. Two buckets of Oats for me and one for you - hey, Iím a big horse!

In the Ď60ís it was rumored that my great-grand sire did time pulling a chain drag for smoking grass. To prevent ending up with a dysfunctional family herd, I say donít smoke the grass, eat it. It fills the belly and keeps you standing on all four hooves.

Iíve been silent quite a while, but when Barryís beautiful, green, wool, butt pad made itís appearance, it generated a deep thought - Donít put that thing on me Barry; Iím not that secure in my gelding-hood.