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Biscuit Wagon


4/18/09, Hickory, NC - Today, I had the fortune of meeting Bernie Harberts.  Bernie is a fellow adventurer, writer and documentary film producer that resides in this part of North Carolina. He has spent the past 11 years sailing a boat solo around the world, traveling muleback across the USA (East to West) and on his latest adventure he has just returned from crossing the US North to South, while following the ancient inland sea.  The latest adventure was made by traveling in a wagon pulled by a mule named “Polly”.  You can read about his adventures by going to www.riverearth.com (also on my link page). You can also purchase copies of his books and DVDs through this website.

Bernie and I had traded a few E-mails this past winter while we were both out adventuring. Today, we met out his family farm in Lenoir, NC. While at the farm, he showed me the beautifully crafted (larger) wagon that he built for the last trip, but didn’t use (he downscaled from two mules to one).

It almost busted the bank, but I agreed to purchase this wagon for my continued driving adventures. For the ghastly sum of “one biscuit” from the local Bojangles restaurant, I became the proud owner of a hand crafted wagon built on Pioneer running gear (those Bojangles biscuits are pretty good!)

I can’t tell you what it will be, but his next adventure will definitely prove that most people in this world are really good folks (counter to the claims run by the media campaign to prove the opposite).


My good friend Larry Riddle has agreed to trailer the new wagon to Indiana for me. I’ll then spend a few weeks “Bob-inizing” it into something tailored to my individual needs.  I’ll have pictures of the new wagon on the site later in the week.