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Big Sandy Elementary School



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2/4/10, Winona, TX - With a steady rain falling, we delayed our departure from the Gage ranch until early afternoon. We only had to drive 12 miles to a prearranged stopover in the town of Winona, so there was no sense in fighting the rain.

This morning, we relaxed and took it easy while the horses munched on a big round bale of hay. Then, James took me for a recon of the route to the elementary school, where we had our first stop for the day.  The Gage’s daughter works with the Special Needs Class, and we agreed to accept an invitation to visit them later in the day.

2-4-10 013

Before we left the Gage Ranch, we were treated to some good ‘ol fashion Texas barbecue.  After thanking our hosts, we hitched up and hit the road about 12:45 pm.  It was a three mile drive to the school, and I pulled and unhitched the team.

I led Doc up to the overhang, where we met our first class.  The kids really enjoyed petting Doc, and asked a lot of questions.

2-4-10 003

One class, quickly turned into most of the classes at the school, and Doc ended up getting so many rubs and pets, he probably had a numb muzzle. Surprisingly, most of the kids in this rural community had never been close to a horse before.

2-4-10 009

After about an hour, I hitched the team back up and we were back down the road for the town of Winona. We had a prearranged stop over with Rueben, the Pastor of the church that we attended last night.

The team are comfortably stalled in a barn tonight and enjoying their deluxe indoor accommodations.  We’ve been treated to a great home cooked meal and are now comfortably settled in for the evening.

This has been a very rewarding day.  Visiting schools and bringing smiles to a lot of young people is one of the best things about wagon travel.