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Back on the Road !


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8/30/10, Monte Vista, CO - Well, things didnít work out with the new home, so like the title implies, the boys and I are back on the road.  About 8:30 this morning, with the cobwebs all dusted off the harnesses and horseshoes, the boys started picking them up and laying them down.

I had Bob and Doc hitched up and I would like to say that they were a ball of fire, but actually, they were just plodding along. Tonight, weíre about 14 miles down the road, to the north and west (about 11 miles southeast of Monte Vista).

My short term destination is Monte Vista, then La Garita, then out the north side of the valley. From there, Iíll follow the Arkansas River downstream to Canon City, then cut across the north side of Fort Carson, to Colorado Springs.  From there Iím headed towards the South Platte and Platte Rivers for the trip across Nebraska.  Of course, all these carefully laid plans are subject to change.

8-30-10 001

Bob and Doc leading off on our return to journeying around America.

My goal is to try and beat the worst of winter on the great plains, as I head back towards Indiana.

If you enjoy reading about the adventures and want to help out, please feel free to click on the ĎDonateí Button on the ĎTrip 3í page; I live pretty cheaply, but itís going to be a lean trip back across the prairie. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

8-30-10 002

I met Phil, this long-rider, with a saddle horse and two pack horses on the road to Monte Vista. Heís on a 7000 mile trip to Jacksonville, FL, then to Washington State. He says heís making the trip to raise money for child organ transplants.

Iím spending the night at the home of Bruce and Janet Hornig,  Bruce is a teamster himself, who has some really nice Brabant type Belgians. These are the roans that were the original Belgium stock from which the modern Belgian Horse originated.  Hopefully, Iíll get some good pictures of his horses tomorrow.

After picking up some grain and groceries in Monte Vista, I plan on heading north on route 15.

I asked B.O.B. if there were any philosophical thoughts or ancient Belgian proverbs to cover our return to the road. I think he mumbled, ďHey, Iím working on it, but me feet are sore right now.í