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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Back on the Road?


9/26/10, Alamosa, CO - As the title of the blog implies, Iím back on the road again (for a bit). Things definitely didnít work out with Melissa.  I finally had to go to the expert, and ask Philosophical Horse B.O.B. for his take on the whole thing.  He kind of slurs his speech, talking in neighs, but this is what I gathered he said,

ďWell Bob, I was kind of getting used to the old paddock.  You know me, Iím a paddock horse first, and a road horse second.  But, the other lads are partial to the road.  So being a team player, the road it is!Ē

So the lads and I are seeing a bit more of the valley, before I catch a plane next Saturday for Indiana. A friend of mine is seeing to the horses for a bit.  I havenít solved all of the logistics, but the game plan is to obtain a trailer and haul the team back to Indiana or Michigan before the job starts. I can pick up the wagon after the job ends in mid-November.

Itís a little late in the year to attempt a crossing of the great plains, so using a trailer seems to be the best option right now.

That will leave me the winter to retrofit the wagon for trip #4. Iím seriously considering adding a spa.  When you think about it, every self-respecting horse drawn RV should have a spa.  Maybe I could even drive the team while sitting in the spa. Thereís no way that Ripleyís could resist adding that too their book!

I apologize for not taking any pictures for tonightís blog.  I met a lot of good folks, and had plenty of opportunity; however, it didnít cross my mind.

After shopping in Alamosa for some supplies, Iím currently camped along the road, about 6 miles northwest of Alamosa.  I havenít figured tomorrow out yet, but I will sometime in the next 24 hours!