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1/13 & 1/14/10

1/13/10, Buena Vista, AR - We took a day off at the roadside park to give the team a rest and time for Billís foot to heal.  We spent the day relaxing, doing some wagon maintenance, and working on Billís foot.

Bill had a bruise in his frog, sometimes called a pavement sore or road founder. Treatment was fairly easy - pare the frog back so it doesnít contact the ground, and re-shoe the hoof with a pad. By evening, he was walking normally and seemed in pretty good shape.  If you would have seen him the night before, you would have thought his leg was falling off. In a nutshell - Bill is a Wimp. But heís a nice wimp, who works pretty hard, so I guess Iíll just be the owner of a wimpy horse.

All day long we had visitors stopping by to chat and see the horses. I managed to install and wire in a set of head lights for the wagon (just in case we get caught out again after dark).

A special ĎThank Youí to Marty McCallister, the Park Attendant, for all his help.

1/14/10, McNeil, AR - We were packed and ready to travel at about 8 am.  I ponied Bill behind the wagon. Iíll give him a couple of more days off before hitching him up again.

Not far down the road, we met Terry Tucker and his grandson, Zach. Terry has been following my blog for a long time and wanted to meet me while we were still in the area.  His grandson got a chance to ride in the wagon for about an hour.

Entering the town of Stephens, the Chief of Police fell in behind me and gave me an escort through town.  This was greatly appreciated as the shoulders were small in town, and a set of Blue Police Lights or a good diner is about the only thing that will slow down a logging truck. The Chief stopped and visited with us as we were leaving town.

There was nothing much but forest, in the eleven miles between the towns of Stephens and McNeil, so we didnít find a place to stay until we had 25 miles under our belt.  Tonight, weíre staying at the Harris residence and are very comfortably settled in. Our good friend ĎHickeyí and his daughter, Jackie, stopped by to see us before we traveled out of the area.

This was a nice day of travel. The temperature was very warm. Dee and I were running around without a coat, looking for a palm tree around every corner.  We met some great people along the way, and had a very nice place to stay at the end of the day.

1-14-10 052

All three amigos resting at the park.  With the pressure off his bruised frog, Bill felt better almost immediately.

1-14-10 056

Austin, scurrying to feed treats to another horse

1-14-10 067

Sometimes when folks are in too much of a hurry, they fail to see the long log stuck in the campfire.

1-14-10 068

These three horses and a mule enjoy the site of the wagon going by.  B.O,B., being a very social horse, always greets horses like this with a neigh.

1-14-10 069

Terry Tucker and his grandson Zach, traveled to see us.  Terry has been following my blog since this summer.

1-14-10 072

Since Terry didnít want his grandson driving his car, Zach got to ride in the wagon while his granddad went and got a bite to eat.

1-14-10 074

A class at the Stephens Elementary School who came out to see the wagon go by and wave.

1-14-10 078

Our police escort vehicle through the town of Stephens

1-14-10 076

Our escorting Officer, Chief Larry Arrington, who is a horseman himself.

1-14-10 079

A common theme, a couple of car loads of people waiting to take pictures and meet us.