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Back in Martinsville



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7/10/09, Martinsville, IN - We took Wednesday the 8th off. The horses had moved quite a few miles in the previous 3 days, so when Greg offered up a couple of acres of good graze, I turned them loose and let them pig out.  I took the opportunity to do a little writing. Iíve got the first half of the first chapter of a new fiction book Iím writing - ďIt Takes a TeamĒ.  One thing about writing a full length book, itís like eating an elephant (one bite at a time).

This is a dual story.  Itís about a couple of former Iraq war soldiers (man and woman) that meet under unusual circumstances on a battle field. They end up making a team on an Alaskan homestead.  Itís also about their Percheron horses that also grow together to form a team.

If I finish the first chapter in the next week, Iíll post it as a teaser (ha ha).

Yesterday (the 9th) we drove from south of Spencer to Gosport and settled in once again and JW Jonesís great place. With some hilly terrain behind us and not many good places to bed down ahead of us, it was hard too pass up such a good opportunity to camp (even with only 10 miles behind us for the day).  The ďRed Hats and Purple ChapsĒ were holding a training session there this weekend. I ended up sharing a bottle of wine with a couple of them.  I was also reunited with Jane Howard, their Queen Mum with whom I stayed with a few days last winter.

Today, I was on the road at about 7:30 am, headed for Martinsville, or beyond.  State route 67 was right full of challenged drivers.  It never ceases to astound me that ordinarily good people will risk their lives and the lives of their families only to save a few precious seconds of time.  I hope they werenít late in flipping on the tube and watching their favorite reality TV show!

Iím camped tonight at Wayne County Feeds in Martinsville. By the time I pulled in for a late lunch, the temperature was near 90 with 100% humidity.

 Itís a little warmer then when we last camped here in December. The owner, Scott and his manager, Dan have got us set up like kings. I just walked down to the local grocery store for a few things.  Tonight, I plan on going into town for a restaurant cooked meal and a couple of beers - civilization has some advantages.

Tomorrow, weíre headed back down route 44 to the east. I plan on stopping at the barn-ga-lo for a couple of days of wagon maintenance and horse rest.  After that, weíre headed north for Michigan.

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Hmmm, Should I take the team to the drive in? 

7-10-09 004

Camped at JW Jonesís again

7-10-09 001

Whatís for dinner? Yum, Oats and Corn

7-10-09 002

The Storage Box