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Athens, TX, a Great Place



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2/8/10, Malakoff, TX - We had a relatively short drive today, from the east side of Athens to Malakoff.  But, all along the way we met some great people.

After hitching up the team, I stopped by the fairgrounds office to say goodbye to the Manager, Wayne.  He volunteered to save me a stop with the wagon, and ran me down to the grain store in his truck. After rehitching the team, Denise and I headed into town.  Our first stop was Walmart, where we picked up some supplies.  It was about 11 am before we pulled out to finish trekking across the city.

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2-8-10 037

Denise feels that since Texas is so big, she should get a Big Mac in both East and West Texas.

All the way through town, people were stopping to chat and take pictures.  We finally pulled over in a parking lot downtown for lunch. While I was feeding the team their oats, Denise savored her Big Mac. As Denise puts it, “ain’t life good”.  A couple stopped by at lunch and talked about the pair of Belgian mares they have at home.

2-8-10 038

The ladies at the courthouse in Athens

It rained all afternoon, but that didn’t seem to dampen too many spirits.  Everywhere we went, there were people offering their smiles, waves, and bring us gifts, including one nice fellow, who gave us a nice cash gift.

2-8-10 040

Camped in Ralph and Fran’s front yard

Tonight, we’re camped in Ralph and Fran’s front yard in Malakoff.  We met this very nice couple yesterday morning, and they invited us to stay with them. The horses have taken over the fenced in backyard and are enjoying a nice feast of green rye grass.

After visiting our hosts and feasting on some tacos, Dee and I are settling in for the evening.  This has been another really great day.

2-8-10 043

Ralph and Fran - really great people

Tomorrow, we’re going to continue our journey westward, down Route 31.