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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Arkansas Hospitality

1/5 & 1/6/10 -

1/5/09, Pine Bluff, AR - This was a long day of travel, but filled with some nice people and a great place to stay at the end of the day.

Most of the day was spent traveling down US Route 79.  Our first stop was at an convenience store in the town of Humphrey, where we picked up some supplies and filled the water tank on the wagon. Quite a crowd gathered to hear our story and to see the team.

The terrain we traveled through for most of the day was either bayous, or harvested fields of rice and soybeans. Traffic was light and the day was clear and cool.

Approaching Pine Bluff, we met up with Danny Murdoch, who invited us to stop at his place and camp, another 6 miles up the road. After deciding that the north bridge across the Arkansas River was as good as the south one, we accepted and started down the road for his place.

Danny has us set up real good, with a very large pasture for the horses. Danny is a former Rodeo Steer Wrestler, who now runs several hundred head of cattle on land along the Arkansas River.

That evening, Danny and his friend Joe Richmond, another former Rodeo star, took Denise and I out to a nice Country and Western Tavern. Everybody had a great time and it was nice to be free of the wagon and have a chance to unwind.

This was a good place to rest the team, so we decided to accept an offer to lay over and rest them the next day.


1/7/10, Pine Bluff, AR - This was a very relaxing day off, We spent much of the day with both Danny and Joe.  I needed to replace the propane gas regulator on the wagon, so we picked up a new one and filled and empty gas bottle, 

Joe has a nice horse training setup and a harness and saddle repair shop.  I got a new shoeing apron from him, as chaps I have been using are were in a very poor state of repair.

In the afternoon, we tooled around in Dannyís truck and looked at his cattle operation. We spied a very nice herd of deer. It was tough looking trough the scope of a rifle at a very nice looking buck with a twelve point rack and knowing it was past the end of the season, but I fought temptation and watched him gamble off through the woods.

In the evening, we had a nice bonfire, with a lot of friends.  All in all, this was a really remarkable day off.


1-6-10 004

Doc, greeting some folks at a break

1-6-10 007

Crossing a Bayou

1-6-10 009

Lunch, with a passing train. Note - when we are near a crossing, the engineers are kind enough to blow the whistle quieter, so they donít spook the horses.

1-6-10 012

Bob, enjoying an impromptu snack of hay from the trailer at lunch.

1-6-10 013

With friends and former rodeo stars Danny Murdoch and Joe Richmond.

1-6-10 025

Enjoying a break from the wagon at the Country and Western Tavern.

1-6-10 037

Cattle, belonging to Cattleman Danny Murdoch.

1-6-10 039

A Herford Bull with a taste for treats.

1-6-10 044

A few wagon friends gathered for an evening campfire.

1-6-10 053

Doc can always bring a smile to a mom and her daughter.

1-6-10 066

I know Danny is wondering how he is going to grab a set of horns on a steer from way up here.