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Approach to Tupelo

2/1/09, Tupelo, MS - With the distance to Tupelo and the distance across it, today was either going to be a short one or a long trek. When opportunity knocked, I opted for the short day. After driving about 11 miles, I was glad to accept an offer to stay at the Hodges farm on the north side of Tupelo. 

The morning started out clear with the temperature right at 32 deg. f.   It continued to warm up all day and was in the mid to upper 60ís by the afternoon. The drive was pleasant and we covered about 9 miles before stopping for lunch on the south side of Saltillo.

Several people have asked how long it takes to harness and hitch the horses.  There was a large outdoor clock nearby, so I timed myself this morning. With the horses already brushed, it took 17 minutes to harness them up and attach the driving lines. It then took another 7 minutes to take down the harness hangers and get them hitched and on the road.  Not quite as fast as turning on the ignition key - but not too shabby!

During lunch, I was interviewed by local TV station, Fox Ch. 27. The reporter showed up just as I was starting to unhitch the teams for lunch.  While he was setting up the equipment, I used the time to unbridle them, and give them their water and grain. The top picture shows the horses with their bridles back on, just before I hitched them up for the afternoon pull.

The three young ladies in the middle picture stopped to pet the horses in front of the Hodges farm and accepted my offer to ride a few hundred yards to our camping spot.

John Hodges has us set up real well, with the horse on a nice 2 to 3 acre turnout. The last picture was a tough one to take, as I couldnít get Clementine to stand still.

John ran me down to the grain store so I could pick up a few sacks of oats.  This evening he brought me out a nice supper - Thanks

Iím not 100% certain which direction Iím going to take, but I sure appreciate all the suggestions.  I should reach a decision sometime in the next week.

Hey, I just heard yesterday that the Superbowl is playing today - enjoy the game.


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