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Approach to Santa Fe



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4/13/10. Santa Fe, NM - This has been another wonderful day, full of beautiful scenery and kind people. I havenít even made it to the city yet, but already, the kindness and generosity Iíve seen will put this on my list of favorite places that Iíve traveled through.

The morning started with a long climb up the hills above Lamy. I had the Belgians hitched and they did a great job. Our first stop was the feed store, just outside of Eldorado.  I picked up some grain and managed to fill all of the water tanks and containers.  The good folks at the feed store gave me a free tube of salve for the horses.

Next, I was off to the grocery store.  It was almost lunch time, so I broke the team out and gave them their oats. After a long haul across the empty land from Ft. Sumner to here, it was definitely time to resupply, to include groceries, grain, hay, water, and gas for the generator.

4-13-10 001

Some of the pueblo type houses, abundant in this area

After crossing under I-25, I swung the team onto Old Route 66, which parallels the freeway, This is also the historic Pecos Trail, and the Old Santa Fe Trail.

Tonight, Iím camped at a roadside turnout, about a mile from the south edge of the city.  I set up camp just south of the city to allow me plenty of time tomorrow to cross Santa Fe.  The camping spot is a good one for being this close to the city, but thereís not enough room to put up the playpen.

4-13-10 002

Coming down into the city of Eldorado, just north of Santa Fe

The good folks of Santa Fe have been fantastic, and very hospitable. I pulled into my camping spot about 3:30 pm, and having been visiting with people, non-stop for the past four hours.   Everybody that Iíve met has offered to provide me with whatever assistance I need. Without asking, folks have been donating money, hay, grain and a lot of good will.

4-13-10 004

Bill, getting a pet at the feed store.

Not long ago, I even got a visit from the Santa Fe County Sheriffís department.  The Sheriff sent out a memo to all of the Deputies, asking that they check on me from time to time and make sure that all is going well for me (now thatís hospitality!) Deputy Vanessa Hayes stopped by and introduced herself and asked if there was anything I needed. Of course, she couldnít leave without giving ĎOl B.O.B. a pat.

4-13-10 005

Our turn on to the Old Santa Fe Trail. I can just here the Bullwhips cracking, the mules braying, and the Teamsters hollering at their teams!

Iíve got a pork roast stewing in the pot tonight and the team is tied to the wagon.  Hopefully, theyíll be on their best behavior tonight and allow the ĎOl Teamster a little rest.

Tomorrow, I plan on turning back on to the Old Santa Fe Trail (it diverted from us for a bit) and continue down it to the Plaza and the State Capitol. Iíve heard that when the Yankee Teamsters first drove into Santa Fe, 190 years ago, the Senioritas used to welcome them with hugs and flowers. I wonder if they still practice that custom?

4-13-10 007

Deputy Vanessa Hayes, of the Santa Fe County Sheriffís Department, with her new partner B.O.B.

P.S. - For those of you who are wondering, Iím not headed to Colorado via Alamosa and Wolf Creek Pass. Instead, Iím taking US Route 84 to Pagosa Springs.