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Apples, Peaches & People Stopping By



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8-22-08, Loudon, NH - This was a day of rest for the horses.  All day long, there was an endless parade of people, mostly customers of the orchard, stopping by to say hi and to pet the horses.  Doc and Dolly especially enjoyed a pat from the kids (of course the occasional apple helped).  People were amazed at how gentle the horses were and how much they enjoyed the attention.

My friend Bob stopped by in the morning with a chain for me to use on Docís evener.  I used it to limit how far he can stretch out his side of the evener.  Hopefully, this will allow his teammate to stay next to him while heís pulling.  Weíll see how well this works tomorrow.

Beth and her mother arrived shortly after noon.  They brought some much needed supplies (thank you) and a picnic lunch.  They also came to pick up Fred. I think she also had an ulterior motive in planning how to cart off my good horse Doc and make a Fox Hunter out of him. We went for a ride and I was careful to keep a close watch to prevent any horse thievery. It was a very pleasant afternoon, and it was hard to see them go.

Tomorrow morning, Iíll be hitching up the team alone.  Hopefully, everything will go pretty smooth, without any serious rodeos.  But, like all the best laid plans of mice and men, Iím sure theyíll be some interesting tales to tell.

About time I head off to bed - good night everyone.

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