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And Now, the News

1/21/09, Bethel, TN - Today was a fun day on the road. After going to breakfast with my host John, I started harnessing the team and getting ready for the road.  Elaine, a teamster with a couple of mules accepted my invitation to ride along for the day.

A couple of hours later, we met up with Stephanie, a reporter for Channel 7, out of Jackson, TN. Stephanie spent the next couple of hours with us interviewing and getting some good shots. She even climbed up on the bed with Clementine to get a good shot of the interior of the wagon. (Of course, she’s not the only one that can recognize a good shot for a camera - I managed to snap a couple myself, including one of her driving Joyce and Deedee off the pole at the lunch break.) 

Lunch was great and included a great glass of Blackberry wine that Elaine brought. It was pretty good stuff - a little more potent then you get from the standard fermentation process. Loran, a reporter from the Huntingdon newspaper also stopped by for an interview and it was nice talking with her.

A few miles down the road we met up with Barry, who gave me a gift and invited me to stay at a farm he owns 3 miles ahead - Thanks Barry.

Not long after I had set up camp, my good friends Pinky and Marilyn Sheets from Delaware, OH showed up to see me and take me out for dinner at a local steak house. They made the trip to see me and also to attend the mule auction in Hopkinton, KY this Friday.  It sure was great to see them.

About the same time Pinky and Marilyn showed up, my host from last night - John, showed up to give Elaine a ride back to her car. Elaine was great company and a real pleasure to have along for the day.

All in all, this was one really fine day!


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