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Ain't That American



One of the distinct attributes that sets apart Americans from others in this world is our generosity towards the underdog. There’s nothing that the good ‘ol Red, White and Blue likes better than to get behind someone using there well of inter-strength to overcome long odds to pursue their dream.  Americans have a habit of doing this whenever they can. When they can’t, they love throwing their support to those that are. I was on the receiving end of some of that support today. 


The last couple of weeks have been difficult ones for the team and I.  Life through a nasty curve ball a couple weeks ago that resulted in the lost of a couple of my teammates and the destruction of the wagon.  Deedee and Dolly bore the brunt of the collision and tragically ended up loosing their lives. On the plus side - they were doing exactly what they were bred to do and died very happy horses with their teammates by their side (if only we could all be so lucky.) Of the remaining team, only Doc, Joyce and I are left.  We’ve all got a few more scars, but we’re also left with the willingness to pull and plenty of road ahead of us.  Other horses will join the team and a new wagon will be built.


For the past two weeks, a fund was set up for the team and I at a local bank to help us recover from this event. Today, I proudly accepted the first check from this account from the great people that set it up and contributed to it.  Sometime in next June or July the team and I should be harnessing up in North Carolina for a run up the east coast.  If the timing works out, I’ve got a goal of running up the east coast.  This will give a lot of people a chance to see the American Draft horse doing what they’re bred to do - pull.  My only goals on this trip have been to travel, meet people and let them see first hand what a draft horse can do. The trip still has some more people to meet and some miles to travel. There’s also quite a few kids that need a smile on their face from watching four great horses pull a wagon up a hill.


I would love to summarize this blog by thanking the great American people for their generosity is supporting my dream to make this a reality - Thank You!